Default App: GNOME Weather

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Fri Jun 9 10:09:54 UTC 2017

GNOME Weather is a simple app to show you the weather. It is written
in gjs. It has been part of GNOME core since GNOME 3.20. It has no
universe runtime dependencies and is well-maintained in Debian and
Ubuntu. I don't believe there has been any security issue with this

If GNOME Weather is installed in GNOME 3.24+ (Ubuntu 17.04+), GNOME
Shell's clock menu will also show you the current weather. Clicking
the weather will open the full Weather app. By the way, some of the
more popular GNOME Shell extensions add weather info to GNOME Shell's
top bar so maybe this new feature will make those less necessary.

There is a really bad gnome-shell crash related to the new Weather
feature, but that should be fixed in libgweather 3.24.1 (waiting in
the unapproved queue for 17.04).

Jeremy Bicha

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