Weekly newsletter 25th August 2017

Will Cooke will.cooke at canonical.com
Fri Aug 25 15:50:05 UTC 2017

= GNOME Shell =
Didier has written a series of blog posts detailing how we’ve set up the
Ubuntu GNOME Shell session in Artful to co-exist with the default GNOME
Shell experience and still give us the flexibility we need to shape the
experience as we would like.  You can start at day one here:

We worked with the Dash to Dock developer to land our Ubuntu branch
upstream.  Read more here:

= Video, Audio, Bluetooth & Networking =
Captive portal support took a big step forward this week.  Our IS team have
updated the connectivity checker service to support HTTP (HTTPS is not
recommended for reliable detection of portals), a problem we were having
with Network Manager not detecting that it was online was tracked down to a
bug in curl and a fixed version is being uploaded, and we’re getting ready
to upload the necessary config changes to Network Manager to enable the
Today we found a handy captive portal near the office:

BlueZ 5.46 was released to Artful.

= Printing =
QPDF 7.0 and CUPS filters 1.17.0 have just been uploaded to Ubuntu.  This
brings driverless printing for IPP Everywhere, Apple AirPrint, Mopria and
Wifi Direct devices to Ubuntu Artful.  Pretty much any printer which allows
you to print from your phone should now work as a plug-and-play device via
USB or over the network.

= Fit & Finish Hackfest =
We spent Thursday and Friday this week improving the theming in 17.10.  We
have made lots of changes to the GNOME Shell theme, the GDM theme and the
Ubuntu Gtk themes.  Didier has done a quick write up here, with more
details coming in the next few weeks:

= In The News =
Softpedia cover the call for testing of the new Chromium Snap:

Linux Unplugged discuss how we’ve implemented our Ubuntu session with GNOME
Shell (starts at 49 minutes):

OMG Ubuntu has an article on the dock:

Cheers, Will
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