Default App: old or new shell for gnome-control-center?

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at
Wed Aug 9 19:51:44 UTC 2017

gnome-control-center 3.25.90 is now available for testing in the
GNOME3 Staging PPA for artful.

The big change is a switch to the new "shell" that has been under
development for a year. Instead of an overview page, top level
settings are shown in a sidebar. This fixes several issues with the
old shell (overview labels being cut off, difficult to add or
reorganize top-level settings because of lack of space, inability to
resize the window, etc.).

There are several minor UI issues with the new design and hardly
anyone has used it yet. Although GNOME is technically at UI Freeze,
it's likely that gnome-control-center will get several freeze
exceptions to fix some of those issues.

Please try the new version and file bugs at for issues that you see!

I added a distro patch to install the old shell too (it's still built
upstream, just not installed by default). You can run it with
gnome-control-center-alt . It's not possible to run both at the same

We'll need to decide whether we want to use the new shell for 17.10 or
keep the old one.

Jeremy Bicha

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