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Tue Aug 8 14:59:33 UTC 2017

Le 08/08/2017 à 12:44, Tim a écrit :
> On 08/08/17 17:09, Khurshid Alam wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 10:07 AM, Robert Ancell 
>> <robert.ancell at> wrote:
>>> gnome-contacts is an address book and is part of the core GNOME 
>>> apps. It has all dependencies in main except for folks (which used 
>>> to be in main).
>>> While this seems to work well in managing your e-d-s based contacts, 
>>> I'm not sure if there's a particular use for it in Ubuntu. Address 
>>> book functionality seems tied to your email client of choice which 
>>> is probably Thunderbird (installed by default, has own tools) or an 
>>> online service (e.g. GMail, and also has own tools).
>> Beside it can be used to view other vcard information like phone 
>> numbers, im-addresses and Thunderbird may not be suitable for this.
> Thunderbird does not have native support for google contacts. GNOME 
> contacts provides an easy way to search android phone contacts. It 
> also allows searching contacts from other online-accounts providers 
> (for the ones that provide that support) if you have them setup.

The issue to include GNOME Contacts without having thunberbird 
integration is the dichotomy in contact manager. Why do my contacts I 
added in GNOME contact don't appear in Thunberbird and vice-versa? I 
think we should look into its inclusion (which would be great, as 
describe, with the nice Shell integration) if someone volounteer to look 
into having it integrated with Thunderbird to only have one contact 
provider on the system.


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