GTK 3.20 or "oh dear, my themes broke again"

Iain Lane laney at
Tue Jun 28 15:56:55 UTC 2016


To cut a long story short: I've been working on GTK 3.20 for the past
weeks, and it's getting ready to upload. I'm away next week so it'll
likely be
the week after (so near enough 2 weeks from now) at the earliest.

When I say "working on", I really mean that I've been porting the Ubuntu
Ambiance, over. This release is a big theme breaker. It's supposed to be
last time this happens, in GTK 3 at least. So my hope is that we're good
theming up to 18.04 LTS now.

Anyway. Check out ppa:ubuntu-desktop/gtk320. There are still issues with
ubiquity and gnome-terminal left to resolve, and I hope to do that this
and maybe next. Then Radiance needs porting, which should mostly be a
find &
replace job on the Ambiance work. Please don't yet report bugs like
these to me
- this mail is mostly a notice to anyone who cares about a GTK
application or
maintains a theme to check if your stuff needs work.

Flavours are probably going to be negatively affected by this. Hopefully
MATE can piggyback on (and improve) my light-themes changes, and
seems to have some work to port their Greybird theme already so maybe
will be okay without too much work.


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