Firefox/NPAPI/Flash discussion for UDS

Bryan Quigley gquigs at
Mon Oct 12 19:39:39 UTC 2015

Hi all,

Mozilla has announced their plan to drop NPAPI support for everything
but Flash at the end of 2016[1].  That got me thinking that we might
have to drop it sooner than that for 16.04 LTS [2] - which is what
happened fro Chromium for 14.04 LTS.   Flash (NPAPI Linux) is also
possibly going EOL for Firefox in February 2017 which might be good to
talk about again as well.

We previously talked about Flash and NPAPI last November [3][4].  We
didn't believe at the time that Ubuntu alone had the pull to greatly
change Flash use, and I don't think that's changed.

If we do nothing for 16.04 LTS, then for Firefox:
8 months after released all plugins (aside from flash) stop working
10 months after release Flash is no longer maintained

Flash 11.2 has also become less useful thanks to dependencies on hal
[5] which is longer in Ubuntu, so many sites just don't work.  Also
getting them to drop gtk2 should make it easier to maintain Firefox.
These are really only relevant if we can get Adobe to commit to
support Flash 11.2 for longer.

I'm happy to ask upstream if we can have some people from Mozilla join
us in a UDS session too, but it makes sense to hash this out a bit
here first.



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