Coordinating work around newer upstream Nvidia drivers for users

Edwin Smith esmith at
Thu Aug 13 14:58:25 UTC 2015

Hi All,

My name is Edwin and I am the head of production at Feral Interactive. We
are the Mac development and publishing company responsible for Shadow of
Mordor and other AAA games on Linux. I spoke with Jorge on reddit and he
suggested I post in this mailing list with some thoughts.

Firstly the addition of an easier way of updating drivers is very welcome,
so thanks for doing this. I think it should really help our users update
without worrying about upgrading issues.

With games like Shadow Of Mordor and others we have in development right
now we're pushing the latest OpenGL features to the limit. This means we
are hitting driver and performance issues that you might not see when using
the desktop or older simpler games that only use OpenGL3.x.

For example if you play Mordor on Nvidia using the default (closed source)
drivers on Ubuntu the game runs in "Smurf mode" due to a driver bug, the
performance is also lower than later drivers.

We usually attempt to support all three graphics card vendors if possible
(AMD, Nvidia and Intel) so having a good selection of drivers for all three
vendors would be very advantageous. We can help by providing you with
driver versions that upcoming games will be needing before they launch so
the drivers are listed in time for the games launch day.

We try to always try and avoid recommending the very latest drivers unless
they are completely required due to driver bugs. The reasoning is the very
latest drivers might have issues that have not been uncovered so being able
to recommend drivers that are a few months old increases the probability
they work well with the OS and other products not just our game(s).

Adding the latest drivers when they are released so people can try them out
if they want would be useful for users as we have found sometimes a brand
new driver update can add extra performance especially shortly after a new
card has been supported for the first time.

Below are the drivers we recommend users to install for Mordor and also the
Intel driver version we plan on recommending for the next Intel supported
title we have in development.

Nvidia 352.21 or later
Intel 10.5.2 - (default driver
for 15.04)
AMD Catalyst 15.7 -

If I can add anything to the conversation at this stage or help out please
let me know.

Best Regards,

Edwin Smith
Feral Interactive Limited
64 Kimber Road
London, SW18 4PP
tel: 44-(0)208-875-1375
fax: 44-(0)208-875-1846

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