Coordinating work around newer upstream Nvidia drivers for users

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Tue Aug 11 02:34:24 UTC 2015

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 7:55 PM, Shane Fagan
<shanepatrickfagan at> wrote:
> Some things to note, so this is an Nvidia only thing going by what you are
> saying, could we have a split for AMD users too?

If you want to gather people up to do the AMD side of the house I
think that would be swell.

> Also what about tweaks like setting the CPU usage to performance mode, it
> has a slight bump at least for my machine in frame rates. (cpupower
> frequency-set performance)

So for things like this I was thinking let's sort the driver situation
first, get that solid, then investigate other things down the road.

> The biggest question I have is the future of the effort given the move away
> from apt to Snappy eventually.

Without defaulting to "snappy will solve all our problems", I'm more
concerned about sorting the issues out over the next cycle for the LTS
since we know that we'll still be on Unity7/Traditional Xorg.

>  Can someone elaborate on what the idea for
> the future of PPAs after Snappy comes to the desktop, I'm presuming it will
> be the default eventually.

It is my understanding that with snappy upstreams can publish directly
to their users and that the idea of PPA won't really matter anymore
for snappy systems, but I'll let someone from that team explain that

> One last thing but aside from the topic slightly, the Steam package in
> Ubuntu is semi-broken for certain systems because the installer doesn't have
> the newest Steam runtime so it just straight up breaks on 15.04.

I have found that in general when there's a new HWE release that Steam
is uninstallable for a certain period of time, but have not had a
chance to investigate this other than when I see people complaining
about it on reddit or whatever. Maybe it might be a good idea to put
steam on the list of things that get tested as part of the HWE
process? It might be useful if people gathered a list of bug reports
around this if anyone out there is reading this and knows more about

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