GTK 3.12 coming to Utopic?

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Sat Sep 6 20:50:20 UTC 2014

Just wanted to add something to this discussion: California is a really 
cool calendar app!

I would love to be able to use it under Unity, but right now the 
theming issue is really bothering me.
Please don't make me switch to gnome shell because of those issues :(


On Sat, Sep 6, 2014 at 9:46 AM, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at> 
> Le 06/09/2014 01:26, Jim Nelson a écrit :
>>  I feel like I've made as many points as I can about the current
>>  situation, but I'll comment on just a couple of things
> Thanks Jim, that was an useful discussion.
> I can understand your concerns, we might have done a suboptimal job at
> keeping up with the GTK changes and innovation in the recent cycles
> (upstream has been more active that it used to be, and our focus with
> the LTS/the work on touch has not been on catching up with those
> improvements but on stabilizing what we have).
> We are still committed a providing proper GTK support in Ubuntu and
> working on resolving the issue you described in the theme and in the
> Unity support, I hope that's going to make things better again for 
> your
> users running Ubuntu.
> Oh, and when I was pointing issues with GtkHeaderBar, those are for
> applications with unconditionally using those as decorations, on any
> desktop environments. I just tested the current geary version and it
> behaves correctly on Unity indeed, which shows that properly used 
> those
> widgets are not issue (hint to other software writers, you can look
> there for an example of how you should do things ;-)
> Cheers,
> Sebastien Bacher
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