A new "Unity 8" flavour

Iain Lane laney at ubuntu.com
Wed May 14 16:09:33 UTC 2014


The desktop team would like to add a new flavour (ish, we don't plan to
have any formal releases at this point) of Ubuntu which contains the
Unity 8 desktop and the new applications which have been developed for
the touch project.

The initial intention is to provide a product which developers can use
to figure out the work that's required to make a desktop product based
on this software usable, and to create a space for experimentation to
figure out the best ways of carrying out the required integration. We
still plan to migrate pieces of the current desktop over, but we are
very mindful of the need to not destabilise the desktop and upset its
users, and are hopeful that developing this flavour in parallel will
mean that migrations will truly happen when software is ready instead of
as a result of pressure to get work into the hands of users early.

There are still many unanswered questions, not least of which is any
treatment of click packages. That's fine. Here I am just keen to get
something up and running; many changes will be necessary and we can make
them as we go along.

The reason I'm mailing the release list is because I need help in
getting the flavour built. My initial work is in
ppa:ubuntu-desktop/unity8-flavour (seed branch
lp:~laney/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu-unity8.utopic). Here are the questions I
have right now:

  - I feel like the name "ubuntu-unity8" isn't very good, because that's
    the name of a piece of software already so it could get confusing. I
    thought of "ubuntu-touch-desktop", but bikeshedding (meant in a nice
    way) appreciated.
  - Do we have the resources to build another flavour?
  - Most importantly, I don't know all of the places that need to be
    touched to enable daily builds. I'm happy to do all of the work that
    I have access to do, but could someone who knows how this all fits
    together please point me to the places that need to know about a new


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