GTK 3.12 coming to Utopic?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Wed May 14 14:08:03 UTC 2014

Le 14/05/2014 15:18, Adam Dingle a écrit :
> Congratulations to everyone on the recent Trusty release!

Hey Adam, thanks! ;-)

> I'm looking forward to an Ubuntu build with GTK 3.12 so I can build
> newer versions of various GNOME applications.  Is GTK 3.12 coming to
> Utopic?  If so, does anyone know when that might happen?  thanks -

We are currently evaluating GTK 3.12. Our first round of testing is
mostly good (no issue with themes, scrollbars, menus this time) but the
change to make all dialogs use GtkHeaderBar is creating issues for non
gnome-shell desktop and currently a blocker for the update.

We are looking at what need to do do there. The first steps are to
update our themes (to make the GtkHeaderBar widgets more integrated),
and to fix Unity (and potentially other desktop) so those dialogs can be
e.g resized. Then we might have consistency/behaviour issues than we
might need to sort out, we requested design input on the graphical
changes that happened in 3.12 to start.

We are going to keep the list updated when we know more about what is

Sebastien Bacher

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