gtk+ popup menu displacement

Michael Webster miketwebster at
Thu Mar 6 12:58:28 UTC 2014


I received notification for this patch in Gnome GTK+:

This fixes an important regression with regards to how popup menu
positioning works - up through Gtk 3.6 one was able to slightly shift the
popup menu out from under the mouse pointer by a couple pixels in the
theme.  This prevented immediate selection and activation (via
button-release) of the first context menu item.

For 3.8 it was effectively broken by
but this new commit should finally fix things.  It is a fairly isolated bit
of code so would be a trivial change here for Trusty.

I am hoping there is still an opportunity to add this, or are we too far in
the release cycle to do it at this stage?  I would be more than happy to
prepare the patch and merge request for this.

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