GTK 3.12 coming to Utopic?

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Fri Jun 27 09:34:21 UTC 2014

On 27 June 2014 11:01, Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at> wrote:
> Le 27/06/2014 10:52, Leo Iannacone a écrit :
>> No, please.
>> Discuss it here. This is the ML for desktop, there is no reason to
>> keep this secret.
> What do you mean by "keep this secret"? We are discussing it on the
> list, though some the discussions also happen on IRC (but that's public
> and logged as well)

I meant: let's discuss this here, not in "some place" and in "some
time" known by nobody but chickens.

Neither in IRC, which requires a bouncer to get updated and to read
all the messages.

>> I love HeaderBar... and I would like to be a part of this decision.
>> I have studied how they work in the past months[0] and already
>> suggested some theme improvements[1] (just suggestion/draft).
> Well, let's see how things look like once we have support for those
> widgets. Some of the issues are going to be tricky, like the
> unity-local-menus which are integrated in the wm decoration ... what
> happens to those when there is no wm decoration?

As I suggested in [0], I think the approach in the library is a bit
controversy and odd.

If WM does not support GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS, GTK should not decorate the
GtkWindow borderless, but just maintain the default behavior.

Moreover, and keep in mind, it is not only related to Compiz: this
problem affects also all the WMs that do not yet support the gtk frame
extents (such as fluxbox, xfwm4, fvwm, ..).

So.. what to do? all of these windows manager have to update their own
code to support something not standard or just GTK have to handle with
WM do not support it?
In my opinion, and since it's not standard, changing the behavior of
the library is the best choice.

For more info about GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS atom please see [1], which is
the patch applied to Mutter to support it.


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