Assistance Needed?

Gunnar Hjalmarsson gunnarhj at
Tue Jan 28 04:35:43 UTC 2014

Hi Geet, and welcome to the Ubuntu community!

I think these are two good starting points:

On 2014-01-28 05:00, Geet Kumar wrote:
> I am available to work on any assignment which is currently pending.
> If anyone needs assistance with any sort of work, please email me;

That's not how it usually works. A good way to get started is to simply
pick a bug in a package that interests you, and prepare a merge proposal
or a patch. That way you'll get a grasp of the working flow.

If you get stuck, the IRC channel #ubuntu-desktop is a good place to ask
for help.

Good luck, and welcome again.

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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