Some desktop updates for this cycle

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Fri Nov 29 17:27:01 UTC 2013


We got some work done so here is an update!

Le 05/11/2013 20:06, Sebastien Bacher a écrit :
> * update glib to 2.40 (tracking 2.39 during the unstable cycle)
glib 2.39.1 is in trusty, thanks Ryan and Iain!

> * update webkit to the current version

2.3.1 is in trusty (renamed to webkitgtk), thanks again Iain!
> * GTK: the default option is to stay on 3.8, we are looking at 
> updating to 3.10 though 

Thanks to the tireless work from Lars we have candidate packages to test 
in the desktop ppa:

If you want to try those and give us feedback, that would be welcome

There is a list of known issues, including those resolved, in
If you use trusty the appmenu/messaging menu issues should be fixed, the 
overlay-scrollbar are about to land but there is a fixed version in the 
ppa as well.

The current version is having some known issues still:
- In the fileselector the Desktop icon is colored
- the fileselector default geometry can be a bit small for some screen 
- GtkInfoBar widgets are not being rendered correctly, there is a 
fix/workaround suggested in
- some GTK dialogs don't have there text wrapping as before (e.g the "do 
you want to save your work?" one that gedit displays when being close),

If you test the new version and notice new issues that are not mentioned 
on launchpad or in this email, feel free to follow up on the list or on 
the launchpad bug

Sebastien Bacher

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