GNOME 3.9 coming to PPA?

Adam Dingle adam at
Sat May 18 08:51:55 UTC 2013

On Sat, May 18, 2013 at 4:34 AM, Tim <darkxst at> wrote:
> On 18/05/13 01:43, Adam Dingle wrote:
>> Ubuntu has started lagging one release behind GNOME, which makes 
>> things a little tricky for people like me who want to build and run 
>> the latest versions (i.e. git master) of various GNOME apps. 
>  You should probably be using jhbuild then.

I do use jhbuild as a build helper, but I don't build the whole GNOME 
3.9 world with it - I prefer to build only the packages I need and use 
Ubuntu binaries whenever I can, especially for underlying libraries.  
Also, I run everything I've built live on my system all the time rather 
than in a separate jhbuild testing session.  So I don't want to run a 
vanilla GNOME GTK 3.9; I want one that actually works with the Ubuntu 
app menu, for example.

>> Anyway, so now my questions are
>> - Is there a plan for the GNOME 3 PPA to provide GNOME 3.9 packages 
>> for Saucy during this next development cycle?  If so, when might 
>> those start to appear, especially a newer GTK?
> Current priority is landing 3.8 packages in saucy. 3.9 on the ppa, 
> will probably follow after that is done.

That's great to hear.

>> - If that isn't planned, does anyone out there have a working GTK 
>> 3.9 binary for Saucy, perhaps in another PPA?
>  Have you checked ricotz/testing ppa? he has git snapshots of most of 
> the gnome stack there.
I hadn't looked there recently - great to see there are a bunch of 
packages there.  Whether his GTK 3.9 will actually work with the app 
menu is another question - I'll take a look.  Anyway, thanks for the 

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