GNOME 3.9 coming to PPA?

Adam Dingle adam at
Fri May 17 15:47:18 UTC 2013

Ubuntu has started lagging one release behind GNOME, which makes things 
a little tricky for people like me who want to build and run the latest 
versions (i.e. git master) of various GNOME apps.  In the Raring 
development cycle the GNOME 3 PPA 
( provided at least 
some packages for GNOME 3.8 which was helpful.  Now, of course, I'm 
looking for 3.9.  :)  It's a huge help that Saucy has already updated 
to GLib 2.37.0.  What I most want now is a working binary package for 
GTK 3.9.0.  Saucy is still way behind at GTK 3.6.4.  (If I had 
relatively recent versions of both glib and GTK then building other 
stuff would be pretty easy.)

Anyway, so now my questions are

- Is there a plan for the GNOME 3 PPA to provide GNOME 3.9 packages for 
Saucy during this next development cycle?  If so, when might those 
start to appear, especially a newer GTK?

- If that isn't planned, does anyone out there have a working GTK 3.9 
binary for Saucy, perhaps in another PPA?

(By the way I myself tried building GTK 3.9 for Saucy a couple of days 
ago but the app menu didn't work, even though I had applied the proxy 
patch.  Haven't had a chance to investigate why.)

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