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Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Mar 12 18:35:15 UTC 2013

Le 12/03/2013 18:26, Ma Xiaojun a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm certainly not anti-Mir but I guess we shouldn't hurt Compiz right now.

(What is happening with compiz has little to do with Mir.)
Canonical is focussing work on the next generation components but that 
shouldn't "hurt" compiz in any away. Sure it means Canonical will help 
less on landing changes, but nothing stop the community to 
write/review/test/merge work on compiz.
> It is reported that some well tested performance improvement patch of
> Compiz is blocked by Raring.
It's not "blocked by Raring", or do you mean "it missed the feature 
freeze and will not land this cycle in Ubuntu"? (which is not specific 
to compiz, Ubuntu is having cycles with feature freezes for ever)

> The resolution I feel best is that merging Sam Spilsbury's patch and
> freeze Compiz afterwards.
> In this way, the PR issue can be mostly solved and it doesn't require
> unfeasible man power.
> If the story is very different from what is reported, can someone
> elaborate on it?

Not sure about what random websites are writing (sorry no time/interest 
to read the troll sites) but the situation is:
- Ubuntu raring is feature frozen
- Changes need to be reviewed/tested/approved to land
- Compiz has an history of being a fragile piece of code, fixes often 
have side effects, so we are cautious about landing non trivial patches 
late in the cycle
- The current manpower is limited and people in the desktop team 
focussed on other things
- Raring ships a raring branch of compiz, nothing stops the patch to 
land in compiz trunk and users/ppas/other distros to run that version, 
if you do the testing will probably help to build confidence in the 
patch and maybe get it to land in Ubuntu

Sebastien Bacher

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