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On Thu, Jun 13, 2013 at 9:27 AM, Benjamin Kerensa <bkerensa at>wrote:

> > What is important, and ultimately should be the deciding factor, is the
> > common end user experience. Which browser, in the common case, will be
> the
> > best for the general end user? Things I consider relevant to this
> > discussion are quality/stability/robustness, familiarity, ease of use,
> and
> > overall user experience.
> On Quality: Chromium just as of last year was totally unmaintained Ubuntu (
> this does
> not seem like quality or stability in my opinion.

Indeed, there was a time between the community maintainer of Chromium
leaving and us finding another maintainer that it went relatively
unmaintained (we still did a best effort to keep it updated, though it
wasn't any one person's focus). Now we have Chad Miller maintaining
Chromium fulltime.

> Is it not Chromium right now in Ubuntu that sits with open security
> vulnerabilities (
> that have mind you been fixed in Debian and can be merged down? Where are
> the metrics on Firefox being less quality or stable or Chromium being more
> quality or stable?

I'm fairly certain we won't be able to find hard data one way or another.
Or, rather, in this case, whichever data we do find we could splice to
support either opinion. Though, if anyone has hard data, I'm sure we would
all love to see it!

> > familiarity,
> A very unscientific vote but 56% of polled OMG! Ubuntu! Readers favor
> Firefox on Ubuntu:
> I'm pretty certain if a poll/survey were put on Planet Ubuntu that it
> would lean in favor of Firefox as well. (Should the entire community not
> have input or should input be limited to the desktop team?)

It seems the discussion has gotten to OMG!, Reddit and a couple other
sites. Between those sites, we probably have a good cross-section of
people. Though, I'll probably post to Ubuntu-Devel this weekend as well to
broaden the conversation.

> Finally, I will point out that Ubuntu has a team of developers (
> who have consistently kept Firefox up
> to date and quality cycle after cycle and Chromium is not
> yet their and may never get to that level of support in the Ubuntu
> Community.
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