Default Browser Follow-up

Benjamin Kerensa bkerensa at
Mon Aug 12 22:53:44 UTC 2013

On Mon, Aug 12, 2013 at 11:23 AM, Jason Warner
<jason.warner at> wrote:
> Hi All -
> Here's the latest follow-up on the default browser for 13.10 discussion.
> Some great points were raised about the historic pattern of updates around
> Chromium.
> First, to get the formalities out the way, Firefox remains the default for
> 13.10.
> Second, I'd like to talk about the Chromium issues raised. It was rightly
> pointed out that there have been issues keeping up with Chromium changes.
> The big issue was with Web Apps integration and some changing APIs. Since
> we've introduced Web Apps changes like this have always caused us some
> grief. Web Apps have always been an interim step until we were able to get a
> more self contained web apps container. That work is planned for 13.10 and
> progressing well[1]. This should be done for 13.10 and very much refined for
> 14.04.
> Lastly, I do want to consider Chromium by default for 14.04 once the above
> is no longer an issue. I sincerely believe Chromium is the better experience
> for general users and should be strongly considered for our next LTS.

You have not provided any criteria as to why Chromium would provide a
better experience for general users. I think its important to note
that so far there has been more opposition by developers and users to
making Chromium the default.

Without out any evidence of a greater experience I think it would be a
poor decision to flip default on millions of users.

If you could provide some solid technical justifications that motivate
this discussion having been started it might be helpful in understand
why such a change is proposed. If there is something lacking in
Firefox then perhaps a dialogue can be started upstream and I would be
happy to help guide such a discussion.

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