[Desktop13.04-Topic] Integrate a Paper Cuts toolbelt into ubuntu-dev-tools

Chris Wilson notgary at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 24 12:26:42 UTC 2012

If the paper cutters were to develop such a tool, would it be considered
for integration into the ubuntu-dev-tools package?

On 24 October 2012 13:23, Chris Wilson <notgary at ubuntu.com> wrote:

> Blueprint:
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/papercuts-toolbelt
> In order for the Hundred Paper Cuts project to stay healthy, it needs a
> constant flow of new bugs, several hundred each cycle, for people to work
> on. Making it easier to report paper cuts will help keep the reports
> flowing, and a desktop utility bundled with ubuntu-dev-tools could help
> with this.
> A simple graphical tool that provides an interface for reporting new paper
> cuts, with fields customized for paper cut bug reports. ubuntu-bug send a
> lot of information that is not necessary for these kinds of problems.
> An application picker (I think GTK3 has a pretty good one) that will list
> all the applications installed on the system that are covered by the paper
> cuts project. When the user chooses one, relevant data about the version of
> the app, installed plugins, etc, will be added to the report.
> The ability to add multiple screenshots using Ubuntu's built-in screenshot
> utility, but the action will be initiated from the reporting utility, so
> screenshots are added directly to the report before it's sent.
> When the report is send, it will be automatically filed against both the
> paper cuts project and the app in question, and the Paper Cuts Ninja team
> will automatically receive an email saying there's a new bug been reported.
> These features will speed up the process of reporting new paper cuts - it
> should take only a few seconds from start to finish.
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