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Mon Oct 22 23:11:41 UTC 2012


I've registered a blueprint
the speed of the review process for paper cut patches.

One of things about the paper cuts project is that most of the people
contributing to it won't have upload rights to either the Ubuntu, Gnome or
Debian archives, meaning they're going to need people to upload patches on
their behalf, and getting the attention of archive maintainers has proven
problematic in the past.

I'm looking for people in Ubuntu that would be able to expedite the
approval process for new patches in these projects. With Ubuntu and Gnome,
that's having someone with upload rights giving special attention to the
bug reports that are identified as having patches ready for review. With
Debian, this may be slightly harder since each package there has a single
maintainer so I'm not sure how to proceed there and ideas would be welcome.

What thoughts do people have on this?

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