[Desktop13.04-Topic] GNOME plans review

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Tue Oct 16 09:56:13 UTC 2012

Le 16/10/2012 11:36, Iain Lane a écrit :

> Given the way that both projects are now design led, and the fact that
> it's design decisions / philosophies that are driving many of these
> difficulties, it would seem prudent for the respective design teams to
> try to work together a bit more closely. I wonder if we can facilitate
> something here, either at UDS depending on the people there or
> elsewhere.
I don't think much of the issues we had this cycle were due to design 
though...do you have speaking design issues for quantal? (out of the 
fact that they design for different shells, and I don't think we should 
ask for Unity and G-S to have the same design, it's fair that different 
desktops take different decisions on e.g what to do with menus)

GNOME rewriting their keyboard handling is just something we need time 
to catch up with.

The other issues are mostly bugs, the fact that quality is not (yet) a 
focus for them as it is for us and the fact that they don't want to 
compromise on their decisions for the "real world" (or on distributor). 
Like when deciding for gstreamer they would care only for "GNOME" and 
ignore the fact that all distro ship e.g shotwell and rhythmbox and that 
those should be taken in account in the transition...

The bottom line of the issue is that going to "GNOME OS" they are just 
not wanting to accommodate for classic distribution or downstream...

> Also, will we have enough upstream guys at UDS to have a GNOME
> relationship healthcheck like we had before?
Not sure about "enough", I'm sure Ryan Lortie will be happy to speak for 
GNOME there, not sure who else will be at UDS
> Back to the initial proposal quoted above. My initial reaction was that
> I disliked it because my philosophy that I generally prefer to work as
> close to upstreams as possible so that we can have a more productive
> feedback loop when it comes to bugs and features. But it seems that
> perhaps this is slightly broken for us, so neither party is getting much
> benefit out of it. A benefit would be that tracking stable series lets
> us work more closely with our other big upstream, Debian. We might be
> able to reduce our deltas there quite a lot if we're tracking the same
> stuff.
Right, the Debian thing is a good point as well in fact. By shifting our 
focus and use the stable GNOME serie we might help upstream as well to 
solve the issue that was raised in other emails on the list that "GNOME 
stable series are not maintained", not sure that GNOME is seeing that as 
an issue to be solved atm though but I'm sure it would benefit most 
users since at the end distributions do deliver stable GNOME versions to 
their users...

Sebastien Bacher

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