[Desktop13.04-Topic] Networking health check

Thomas Bechtold thomasbechtold at jpberlin.de
Sun Oct 14 07:50:03 UTC 2012

On Fr, 2012-10-12 at 13:02 -0400, Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> - ModemManager 0.6 has been released, and now development is starting
> on the next version -- I'd like us to aggressively go to the new
> version, since it will bring a basis for mobile IPv6, and enables
> quite a few new devices while fixing other issues, improves SMS, etc.
> all of which we could greatly benefit from.

Afaik does NetworkManager currently not support the new ModemManager 0.7
API. I think that's a "must have" before we can change to MM 0.7.

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