Minutes of the One Hundred Paper Cuts meeting on 2012-11-22

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Sun Nov 25 13:55:35 UTC 2012

These can be viewed on the wiki page here:

= Meeting Minutes =
 * [[http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/11/21/%23ubuntu-desktop.txt | txt]]
 * [[http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2012/11/22/%23ubuntu-desktop.html | html]]
Scroll down to 19:06 for the start of the meeting.

== Agenda ==
[[https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PaperCutsRaring/Meeting1 | Agenda]]

== Outcome ==
=== Focus on Ubuntu's UI foundation technologies ===
Since many of the paper cuts being repoted for GTK apps such as Rhythmbox
and Nautilus turn out to be bugs in GTK itself, it has been decided that
greater focus will be given to GTK itself. By extension, any paper cuts
that can be traced through Unity and back into Compiz will also be valid
targets. The risk here is that many of the bugs here may not be papercuts,
but we're going to spend a cycle just seeing when we can fix. Regular
meetings of the paper cuts team, as well as constant communication with
Unity and Desktop developers will stop us going too far down a bad path.

William Hua (attente on Freenode) will help us out with GTK issues we hack
on, and help us get our patches into upstream.

In summary, greater attention will be paid to the UI foundation
technologies shipped in Ubuntu over individual apps.

=== Scripts and app for the Papercutters PPA ===
==== Progress reporter script ====
A small python script that will display the current status of the project
for the current cycle. Currently very simply but hoping it will evolve into
something more.

==== 'One click' setup script for Compiz/Unity ====
If we're going to be targetting Compiz, for paper cut manifesting in Unity,
then it's important for contributors to be able to test their patches
easily, and for that thay have to be able to build both Compiz and Unity
with the minimal of headaches, something neither of these packages really
allows for at the moment.

A script should be written, and regularly maintained, that will allow the
user to branch and build both Compiz and Unity from source, and immediately
have it up and running. There are many unanounced chaned to the build
dependencies to Unity so in order to keep the script upto date, the help of
the Unity devs should be enlisted here.

In order to make sure it was always working, it needs to be tested
regularly, preferably daily. The best way to do this would be to use
Ubuntu's [[https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/|Jenkins]] server for automated
daily build testing.

=== Responsiveness of design team to requests for input ===
A lot of bugs that require design input often don't get a response when
input is requested, even if it's just to aprove an existing design.

Matthew Paul Thomas as previously suggested that if we assign the bug to
Nick Tait (jnick_tait on Launchpad), a project manager on the design team,
then he'd get it delegated to another designer, hopefully leading to more
members of the design team working with the community.

=== Future of #ubuntu-papercuts on Freenode ===
A couple of months ago the papercuts team had it's own IRC channel. This
channel has seen almost no traffic since day one, and it has been suggested
that the paper cuts team hang about in #ubuntu-desktop instead since that
would give our work greater exposure, and we are effectively a subteam of
Ubuntu Desktop anyway, so it makes sense to stay close to them.

#ubuntu-papercuts will be closed down in a couple of days. The entry
message will be changed to direct people towards #ubuntu-desktop instead.
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