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David James david at kvr.com.au
Sat Mar 17 07:00:17 UTC 2012

On 17/03/12 17:18, Pedro Bessa wrote:
> Hello Ubuntu Desktop Mailing List,
> I'm an early adopter. Ubuntu Software Store gets updates oftenly, but 
> it's not shiny new features, it's just bug fixes, so I wait and wait 
> and wait, but Ubuntu Software Store doesn't change.
> Ubuntu must:
> 1. update fast
> Are you using the C++ that Linus Torvalds flamed?
> 2. update like web apps
> Web apps update so amazingly... Chrome is a desktop app that went the 
> web app way... Firefox followed Chrome, because Chrome was right... 
> Can Ubuntu go that way too?
> 3. if an update is impopular, do not keep me stuck with a bad feature 
> for 6 months
> Ubuntu kept me stuck with the global menu for 1 year.
> An update from the Update Manager should have removed the global menu.
> 4, update to give early adopters shiny new features from the Update 
> manager
> Currently, I have to complain verbally, not clickably.
> Google ships a feature to a user sample, then if the feature is 
> popular with the user sample, they ship the feature to all other users 
> or if the feature is impopular with the user sample, Google removes 
> the feature from the user sample.
> early Ubuntu adopter group opt-in, what's new, rate, review and Ubuntu 
> Brainstorm link
> I heard giving instant feedback to programmers is a major Stack 
> Overflow feature somewhere there. Programmers would be able to ship a 
> feature to everyone in only two days.
> Best regards,
> Pedro Bessa
1. What does programming language have to do with how fast you can 
update your application?
2. Web apps also die fast as well, firefox followed chrome because 
chrome was gaining more popularity faster, not because chrome was 
'right'. (See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT5fUcMUfYg )
3. The global menu is not going anywhere?
4. Heard of alphas and betas + virtualbox?

- David
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