Shortcut keys F1,F2,F3,F4 and overall

Petko pditchev at
Thu Mar 1 22:42:14 UTC 2012

Hey guys , I recently came to the conclusion that the *Function* keys 
,that are most accessible aren't really utilized . Some (a lot of) time 
ago , when I was new to computers I saw them as some kind of unusable 
appendix . Since then not much has changed (regarding OS defaults ) . 
Which of the function keys do you use ( out of combinations , just the 
straight up most efficient press of the key) ? I used three until recently :
F2 - rename
F5 - refresh
F11 - fullscreen
(and maaybe F1 - help)

Here's the idea : the first 4 func. keys are very accessible , not used 
in writing , and 2 of them have no function what so ever by themselves . 
Here's a couple of suggestions from me :

F1 - clearly stays help
F2 - users have learned it's rename , so it should stay rename (though 
that's probably not the best function it can have)
F3 - Minimize window - everybody does it constantly , the buttons for 
minimize are little , I personally hate compound shortcuts 
(alt+ctrl+shift+asdf to minimize (meaning I don't want to touch more 
than one button for one of the most used actions) )
F4 - how has no one made F4 default for closing windows just boggles my 
mind  - why twist your hand to press alt , when F4 can't possibly have a 
better use .

I'm with those settings now and it's much better than the defaults . For 
F4 - of course alt+F4 should continue working alongside F4 , because 
anyone new would get confused , but that doesn't mean it shouldn't get 
implemented .

  Second point of discussion (the "and overall" part of the thread) : I 
need some response from developers: If I create a wiki page in Ubuntu 
dedicated to discussing default settings (because I think there's much 
room for improvement) , would its contents be taken into account . The 
idea is that a whiteboard is needed to discuss this topic (there's too 
many details for a mailing list in my opinion) , and I'm convinced that 
the topic should have a centralized resource (so there's no repeated 
discussions , and people can pick up where others left off ) .

And overall - any feedback would be appreciated , I really want to push 
the development in that area a bit (default shortcuts/settings) .


PS: not a proposal for implementation , but a hint for whoever might 
like it : F12 for "xset dpms force off" (turn screen off)

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