F3 shortcut missing on Nautilus, Ubuntu 12.10

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 22 11:47:36 UTC 2012

Le 22/06/2012 13:31, Cyrille Ngassam Nkwenga a écrit :
> This shortcut was a great one for me, and I think I'm not alone. the 
> Ubuntu dev should  bring it back, please. I don't know what Gnome are 
> thinking but it is just a non sense.  removing this shortcut goes 
> against the experience we have with ubuntu. 

It's not the shortcut that was dropped in quantal it's the feature, 
upstream justifies it by saying you can use the shell built-in grid 
feature (it works in both unity and gnome-shell) to put one dialog on 
the left half of the screen and one of the right half of the screen. We 
don't intend to distro patch support for that feature back though, it 
would be too much work, you should argue on the GNOME lists directly if 
you think that's a mistake they did.

Sebastien Bacher

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