Keybinder in Quantal / Global shortcut keys

David Klasinc bigwhale at
Mon Jun 11 18:42:41 UTC 2012


Current version of Keybinder included in Precise is 0.2.2. Packages:


This version was compiled against Gtk 2.x and with static binding for 
python is not usable with Gtk3.

I exchanged a few emails with the author and version 3 has been ready 
for a while now, but never officially released.

New version can be found here:

Version 3 is backwards compatible and will work with Gtk2. It also 
includes Gobject Introspection bindings.

I've been using this version of keybinder in unstable build of Kazam 
Screencaster and I can confirm that GIR bindings work in Python. This 
very same git branch is also used for over a year in Arch:

I suggest that keyinder 0.2.2 is replaced with keybinder 3, this way we 
keep old functionality and get GIR support.

This should really be considered because right now there is no way to 
implement global shortcuts in python if using Gtk3.


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