Staying on gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-control-center 3.4 for quantal?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Jul 30 22:46:39 UTC 2012

Le 30/07/2012 18:37, Jeremy Bicha a écrit :
> The gsettings keybinding update was part of 3.4. We are planning to do
> the gsettings switch this cycle, right?
We are trying, as described in my email compiz is ready but they are 
running in extra issues due unity-2d so they either need to update that 
one as well or deprecate it (which is blocked on some unity-3d work to 
be finished)

> I thought that the ibus stuff was relatively self-contained and that 
> it wouldn't be too hard to revert the appropriate source folders if we 
> don't want it for Quantal. Jeremy 

It's medium hard, it impacts on gnome-settings-daemon, 
gnome-control-center and gnome-shell at least. It's surely doable but we 
enter again the "need to do non trivial reverts over several sources", 
in fact we tried to revert some of the change in a temporary way in the 
Vcs for ibus and that's proving challenging (the current version there 
is still buggy).

The new version of gnome-control-center also adds support for active 
directory login, but that didn't get tested on Debian,Ubuntu yet and 
requires new packages to be worked on (realmd) which is another issue.

We have choice either way but if we want to do the update we need then 
people wanting to commit to spend time resolving the blockers listed 
there... any taker?

Sebastien Bacher

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