Gstreamer version to use in 12.10?

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Mon Jul 23 11:53:38 UTC 2012

Hey everyone,

GNOME said they would try to update their code to use gstreamer 1.0 in 3.6:

I think there is a couple of issues there:

- GNOME doesn't give any guarantee it will be done, it might get half 
done for 3.6 since it's a best effort basis and having to ship 2 
gstreamer versions wouldn't be a stopper for them

- gstreamer 1.0 is not released yet (gstreamer 0.11.9x candidate 
versions are available though and packaged in precise,quantal universe)

- gstreamer 1.0 is virtually untested

- if we don't want to ship 2 gstreamer stacks in quantal we will 
probably have to port some of our code to the new version (ubiquity, 
ubuntuone?, ...) as well as help GNOME to finish porting their softwares

- there are no fluendo codecs available yet for the new version (there 
is an ongoing discussion with them on the topic)

Based on that I think we should be conservative and avoid surprise and 
extra work (especially that we don't have gstreamer hackers here to deal 
with issues we will find) by delaying the update to next cycle (which 
probably means staying on current totem and rhythmbox)

What do others think?

Sebastien Bacher

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