Enabling Connectivity Checking in NetworkManager

Mikko Ohtamaa mikko at redinnovation.com
Wed Jul 11 20:19:25 UTC 2012


My devious self is wondering if each computer can have an active TCP
> connection to a specific address, like connected.ubuntu.com, with TCP
> keepalives at a high interval (maybe 10 seconds). You don't have the
> overhead of constantly opening and closing connections, but you do have the
> overhead of actually keeping millions of connections open on the server.
> This addresses none of the privacy concerns, of course, but it does give
> near immediate notification when the network has died, no matter how you
> get your connection.

I am not very involved in this discussion or its goals. However, here is
what Chrome does when it checks whether it is really connected to a network
or  not. You might find it useful to see what evil things ISPs and such may
try to do with your connection:


Mikko Ohtamaa
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