Fwd: [evince] Supported poppler for Evince 3.4?

Jeremy Bicha jbicha at ubuntu.com
Sun Jan 29 15:30:21 UTC 2012

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From: Carlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc at gnome.org>
Date: 29 January 2012 06:11
Subject: Re: [evince] Supported poppler for Evince 3.4?
To: Jeremy Bicha <jbicha at ubuntu.com>
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Excerpts from Jeremy Bicha's message of dom ene 29 02:53:08 +0100 2012:
> Hi, the Ubuntu Desktop Team was verifying whether poppler 0.18 would
> still be supported for evince 3.4. It looks to me like the poppler
> devs have barely started working on poppler 0.20 but Ubuntu is being
> cautious this release cycle.

Yes, poppler 0.18 will be supported for evince 3.4. We are indeed
working on poppler 0.20, it will be mainly the merge of the xpdf 3.03
changes, see the xpdf303merge branch:


I don't think we will finish the merge in time for 3.4, so poppler
0.18 will be the version required by evince 3.4.

> Thanks,
> Jeremy

Carlos Garcia Campos
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