It's time to jettison CCSM

Alan Bell alanbell at
Thu Jan 26 23:14:22 UTC 2012

On 26/01/12 22:55, Jan Claeys wrote:
> Jorge O. Castro schreef op do 26-01-2012 om 11:28 [-0500]:
>> MyUnity is a better user-facing tool anyway for those that want to
>> play
> Based on the screenshots I found, the auto-generated UI of CCSM for the
> Unity plugin is actually better (more understandable by normal users)
> than the MyUnity UI.  That doesn't sound like an improvement to me...
> (I hope I was looking at screenshots of an outdated version of it?)
I installed myunity in precise. It has an inconsistent user interface 
which breaks accessibility (left and right buttons to swipe across pages 
of options when a tabbed notebook would make more sense and be more 
consistent) and it is not keyboard navigable. It has a rather lurid 
green branding (with no transparency on this so you can see where it 
covers up the dotty background) and is some distance from the pixel 
perfect elegance of the rest of the unity stuff that has been built, but 
this is OK, it can be fixed, it just isn't there yet in terms of looks. 
More importantly is it a good framework for managing options and can we 
add enough in there to satisfy the needs in particular of the people who 
like the great stuff in the accessibility plugins.


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