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David Klasinc bigwhale at
Mon Jan 2 09:28:05 UTC 2012

On 01/01/2012 07:47 PM, Sean McNamara wrote:

> IMHO you shouldn't directly use ffmpeg, libx264, or any other library.
> For all of your media needs, just use GStreamer. GStreamer has gst
> plugin wrappers for all of the useful ffmpeg codecs (gst-ffmpeg), and
> it has plugin wrappers for all of the important standalone codec
> libraries (including x264). The challenge is getting the user to
> install them. ;)

gst-ffmpeg is terribly undocumented and I think there is no real need
for me to use it. I need to support a handful of codecs, not every
single one there is.

x264enc didn't work because of unknown reasons at the time being and it
really pissed me off because I know it used to work. Five minutes ago I
realized why it didn't work and I got it working now. It was a serious
case of PEBKAC ... To make it short, I was testing with a smaller window
800x800, H264 video size must be divisible by 2 and x264 starts counting
with 0. :> I'll hack x264 as an option.

> For starters, you could add most of the gstreamer plugins packages as
> either suggested or recommended in the Debian source package. If the
> packages somehow don't get installed automatically (they would get

Right now I have base and bad plugins as a requirement and this covers
everything I need. For x264 I'll also need ugly plugins package. If that
is installed everything should work.

> you can proceed to allow the user to use the
> app, but you would want to make them aware that some of the supported
> codecs aren't available due to missing packages.

This is a really neat idea. I'll probably make webm default and a
requirement and x264 will be an optional feature.

>  but on Ubuntu, I think it's
> there in gst-plugins-ugly in multiverse or restricted (correct me if
> I'm wrong).

If I can read this page correctly and the information is valid, it seems
that uglies are in the universe.

> If you want to go with Python, I can't really help you with the
> implementation details, since I am only a novice at Python
> programming. But I can wish you lots of luck, and still help out with
> things like the overall codec approach.

I'm still contemplating Python and Vala. I'll see what time will bring.
:) I'm quite fluent in python so it would be my first choice. Vala,
however, is becoming a defacto standard for Gnome development and that's
why I am considering it.

> I'm allquixotic on freenode, so feel free to ping me. We can even
> create a new channel for Kazam!

Not all that bad idea. I registered a channel, BigWhale will be idling
there mostly. :)


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