Providing latest FOSS apps to all supported Ubuntu releases

Ma Xiaojun damage3025 at
Sat Aug 11 08:47:10 UTC 2012

Maybe this is just a dup.

An annoying fact of Ubuntu desktop is that I always get rotten FOSS apps.

For example, I'm a big fan of LibreOffice.
When I notice that a new version is released.
I can always easily install the latest version to my Mac OS X box.
In Ubuntu, however, I have to use PPA. I try to minimize PPA usage because:

1. PPA is easy to add but hard to remove later.
ppa-purge helps a litte but it is still possible to have a messy
system in the end of the day.

2. PPA may not available for all supported releases.
12.04 should have most PPA supported currently, But I also run 10.04.

Well, for the LibreOffice case, it's nice that they already provide DEBs.
However, using upstream package may lose Ubuntu customization and may
not able to be automatically upgraded later on.

My hope is, all major FOSS apps like LibO, GIMP (I'm also waiting for
GIMP 2.8 on 12.04) receives upgrades when a new upstream version is
available. Currently, such practice is only done with Firefox from my

Thank you in advance.

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