ubuntu lacks ideas, firefox is full of ideas

Pedro Bessa pedbessa at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 19:45:23 UTC 2011

Hi Ubuntu-desktop,

I can change Firefox in any way. I can position, edit, remove and add 
any interface element however I think is useful to the others. So I 
created two 

I reported many bugs to Ubuntu.
To make you patch them, I need to convince you that the bug is so 
important that you need to work, which is very hard.
To make me patch them, I need to convince you that the bug is important, 
otherwise the patch won't be approved, which is hard, then I need to 
patch the bug, which is hard, then I need you to approve the code, which 
is hard, so it's triple hard.
To develop an app, I need to code my work and others will see my name, 
rate it high, install it lots, congratulate me by e-mail, recognize my 
work, which it's fun, then I need your approval to the Ubuntu Software 
Store and you put a huge effort in it, you want more apps, which it's 
fun, then I show you since the app's popular, the bug is important and 
according to xkcd, I'm correcting a person on the internet, it's an 
important task, which it's fun, so it's triple fun.

The Unity API is minimal.https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI 
<https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI>I can't position, I can't 
edit, I can't remove and I can't add anything.
You said you don't want customizeability (I mean, you make unity have 
unmodifiable defaults) and you said you want more apps (I mean, you put 
a huge effort in the Ubuntu Software Store), but these two things are a 
contradication, because *if we can't do anything, why should we develop 
apps for you*?

Plus, Firefox writes tutorials that start from overview, allow to go 
in-depth, have examples and I think Ubuntu should do that too.

Best regards,
Pedro Bessa

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