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Christopher James Halse Rogers raof at
Tue Nov 8 04:49:08 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-11-08 at 09:17 +1030, Jason Warner wrote:
> Hi All -
> During the recent Ubuntu Developer Summit we discussed moving from Banshee back to Rhythmbox as the default music player for Ubuntu 12.04. No definitive decision has been taken yet (major default apps tend to have many integration points and broader discussions are needed before we can make that decision, such as the Thunderbird decision in Oneiric) as we need to kick off the further discussion. 
> It was an interesting discussion overall and I wanted to reach out to the broader Ubuntu community to get further feedback. So, feel free to reply with your thoughts in this thread.
> For context, here are some of the discussion points. 
> Areas of concern in Banshee were stability, start-up time, the overall resource intensive nature of the application and how responsive an upstream they were to Ubuntu specific needs. It was noted that Banshee is by far the better UI, but many people experienced significant issues in stability thus making it feel less usable. 

I was not aware of general stability problems - of course, it works just
fine for me :).

Last time I benchmarked Banshee startup time, about 2.5 seconds were
spent JITing.  This was on my Core 2 Duo - netbooks and ARM should see
an even bigger JIT time.  It seems we could largely eliminate this by
building AOT modules for the class libraries.  This shouldn't be hard to
do - we could either do this ad-hoc, or extend the mono debhelper tools
to do this at package install time.  It's highly likely to work, as the
MonoTouch framework that Xamarin sells requires AOT to work - iOS
doesn't allow runtime code generation.

I've not noticed Banshee upstream being particularly unresponsive; there
are more bugs filed than people to work on them, but that's hardly
unique to Banshee :).  What Ubuntu specific needs have we actually had?

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