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Jan Claeys lists at
Tue May 17 20:36:59 UTC 2011

Omal Mannapperuma schreef op ma 16-05-2011 om 13:57 [+0530]:
> I would like to see the following options integrated into Ubuntu 11.10 to
> make it more user friendly than any other versions.
> 1) Ability to search within a folder, just by right clicking on the folder,
> and select "search for files and folders"

Would be nice.

> 2) Make K3B as the default CD/DVD burning application, and if possible, add
> Blu-Ray burning as well into it. Still the application lacks with the
> feature to burn bootable CD/DVDs of any kind, so I would be most delighted
> to see that being integrated into it as well.

There are other tools than K3B, that don't require KDE, and that are
more user-friendly (IMO).

> 3) Make available a single location to enter Proxy settings, and let that be
> spread throughout the system, without any interaction from the user any
> further.

+1 on that.  And it should work across working environments too (GNOME,
KDE, XFCE, LXDE, terminal, etc.).

> 4) Assign a drive letter to the partitions detected by Ubuntu, rather than
> 120GB partition or anything like that.

If you give your partitions a "label", Ubuntu will use that.  Best use a
meaningful label...  ;)

Drive letters tend to change after changes to the hardware or when you
attach USB devices in a different order, so they are a bad idea for a
user interface.

> The reason is, most computer users are much familiar with Windows, and in
> Windows, they see a much clearer view of their data than in Linux. Because
> of drive letters, it is easier to remember where the data are located.

That's not true.  Windows always assigns C: to the boot partition, so if
you boot from another partition, C: will point to another location.  USB
devices or other swappable devices also don't always get the same "drive


Jan Claeys

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