Suggestions for Ubuntu 11.10

Omal Mannapperuma omal.lasitha at
Mon May 16 08:27:43 UTC 2011

I would like to see the following options integrated into Ubuntu 11.10 to
make it more user friendly than any other versions.

1) Ability to search within a folder, just by right clicking on the folder,
and select "search for files and folders"

2) Make K3B as the default CD/DVD burning application, and if possible, add
Blu-Ray burning as well into it. Still the application lacks with the
feature to burn bootable CD/DVDs of any kind, so I would be most delighted
to see that being integrated into it as well.

3) Make available a single location to enter Proxy settings, and let that be
spread throughout the system, without any interaction from the user any

4) Assign a drive letter to the partitions detected by Ubuntu, rather than
120GB partition or anything like that.

5) Add Samba by default to the distribution.

6) Add support for Acer Veriton series as well.

The reason is, most computer users are much familiar with Windows, and in
Windows, they see a much clearer view of their data than in Linux. Because
of drive letters, it is easier to remember where the data are located.
People are reluctant to use Ubuntu or any other Linux, because they have to
learn the shell and all, they must know what exactly they are doing with
Linux rather than with Windows, because one wrong move could be disasterous
even. I think it's time that things should change. The more user friendly
Ubuntu can get close to Windows while retaining the stability, you guys will
be stunned how many will download this magnificient OS on the launching day
itself, if you put a counter for how many downloads during the launching day
of a new distribution.

I must thank all the development team of Ubuntu for launching a magnificient
OS to the world, when in need.

Thank you.
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