Feature Proposal: Enable two finger touchpad scrolling by default

Mikko Ohtamaa mikko at redinnovation.com
Thu Mar 17 15:16:36 UTC 2011

> Reaction summary
> ================
> Folks seem to be rightly concerned about a fallback option being present
> for devices that don't support two-finger scrolling. I think we may be
> in agreement if I say this:
> If there is no fallback in place for Natty, we cannot enable two-finger
> scrolling by default.

Also there should be quite straightforward option to disable
two-finger scrolling.


Two finger scrolling is subject to driver and hardware support issues.
There are some hardware configurations reporting multitouch support,
but in real life they may perform terribly.  Since multitouch is not
yet mainstream in Linux, many configurations are untested and if a
poor person has such hardware configuration he/she would probably want
to disable bad multitouch tracking.

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