Call for Natty Feedback!

Erik Andersen erik.b.andersen at
Tue Mar 8 19:55:38 UTC 2011

Sorry it took me a while to get my thoughts on Unity together. Hopefully
it's not to late to turn them in.

   - Being able to search applications is great. However, we also need
   categories like the old menus had.
   - By default, 'installed' is collapsed
      - Extra space could be categories
      - What is shown is in alphabetical order. It should probably show most
      used first, with sensible defaults for a new install.
   - Partitions fill dock too fast.
      - Also, when you open a partition, the opened window doesn't go with
      the icon that opened it. Instead it goes with nautilus!
   - It's OK for settings to show up in applications search, but we really
   need a settings applet or something.
   - Show dock corner is hard to hit and hard to discover. The whole side of
   the screen is too easy to hit, so I'm not sure what should be done.
   - We really need a way to theme Unity.
      - Black's a good choice, but it's hard to pick something that goes
      with everything.
      - It should be possible to make a theme without programming.
   - Firefox (other apps too) should expose tabs to Unity.
   - There should be an easy way to open another 'copy' of a running
      - Maybe a modifier key would work, but it would be hard to discover.
      - We should make it easier to find than Win 7 (which uses dragging)
   - How should iconless programs be handled?
   - Main menu seems a little useless. It's too detailed on some application
   categories, and not detailed enough on others.
      - Maybe it should have a row of frequently used applications. And then
      rows for Applications (which would have icons for each subcategory, like
      Accessories, Graphics, Internet, etc), Places, and Settings.

It seems like it takes a long time to pick one application out of 100, but
picking 1 category out of 10 and then picking one application out of 10
isn't that bad.


Erik B. Andersen
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