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> Hello!
> Natty Feature Freeze is here and A3 is upon us! Anyone following along
> closely should see and feel a fairly stable and usable system, complete with
> Unity and classic Gnome.
> I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Unity...and I'd like it to be pretty
> unfiltered and raw. In particular, I'm interested in seeing how people feel
> about:
> * The look and feel
> * Usability
> * Stability (knowing that we are entering a heavy bug fixing time!)
> * Highlights and favorite features
> * Perceived shortcomings and/or "wishlist" items
> You can reply to this email if your feedback is general/conversational or
> file a bug if you are experiencing a specific issue. Filing a bug with
> 'ubuntu-bug unity' command would do the trick and would get seen by the
> appropriate people for specific issues.
> It will be fun to hear what everyone thinks! I look forward to seeing the
> feedback.
> Cheers,
> Jason

people who know my posts are aware that i can get lengthy at times, so i'll
keep it relatively compact today ;)
Thanks to everyone who has already committed reviews to this thread, i
enjoyed reading all of them and i learnt a great deal from seeing other
people's reviews.

1 launcher backlight is generally without purpose (except workspace switcher
and trash)
2 workspace switcher should be on top
3 gnome-www-browser undiscoverable
4 no way to access power preferences
5 no way to access ubuntu one preferences
6 no consistent UI for preferences in general
7 Presence doesn't integrate with Empathy
8 indicators need more spacing
9 panel covers entire top edge, but middle is always blank -> wasted display
10 home button doesn't look pressed when pressed
11 dash doesn't work
12 in the (currently broken) dash, browsing is called "find"
13 ALT+F2 is not implemented -> big no-no
14 Indicator Menus should float above content transparently (-> wingpanel)
15 there is still no distinction between "close" vs "close&quit"
16 no visual feedback when pointer hits hot areas
17 fade-in / fade out of dock is stuck when pointer touches the top-right
hot-corner, but there's no visual feedback to indicate that i touched any
hot area (see 16)
18 totem doesn't integrate with Sound Menu's playback controls, although it
is default playback app for single audio files -> bad
19 dash should appear center stage, not top-left
20 "add an appointment" should open a tiny dialog, not Evolution Calendar,
21 three seperate configuration links on the bottom of one indicator menu is
just hilariously confusing (Me Menu)
22 Messaging Menu and Session Menu are inconsistent, in that they have no
"Preferences" or "Settings" item on the bottom, when Networking, Power,
Sound, Time/Calendar, MeMenu all do
23 dmedia should be integrated into the dash for browsing/previewing videos
24 shotwell should be integrated into the dash for browsing/previewing
25 some MPRIS & IDO should be integrated into the dash for
browsing/previewing audio (yet, outstanding work so far by Conor)
26 Epiphany-webkit should be default browser, since it integrates with Unity
and neither Chromium nor Firefox do that
27 I'd like more drag-and-drop interaction with window previews, workspaces
and workspace previews
28 Unity/Mutter was better with workspaces: it showcased the open windows
with its equivalent of the compiz Scale plugin

I love the Scale plugin / Window Picker. If docky had that, i'd use default
GNOME until Unity is stable.
Since Docky doesn't have that, i'm going to continue using Unity, even
though it is terribly unstable and far from finished, since this one single
feature already makes it so much more usable than any Desktop Environment i
have used before.

Ubuntu would be better as a whole, if Presence in the Me Menu would actually
control Presence in Empathy.
Since that bug has not been fixed, although it is quite easy to fix (comment
out a few lines of code), the MeMenu, perhaps the most frequently visited
indicator menu for me, doesn't work, and Ubuntu always has a bitter note to
it when i turn it on.

Thanks for the opportunity to review this beautiful DE-in-the-making..
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