Call for Natty Feedback!

Jason Warner jason.warner at
Tue Mar 1 19:58:24 UTC 2011


Natty Feature Freeze is here and A3 is upon us! Anyone following along
closely should see and feel a fairly stable and usable system, complete with
Unity and classic Gnome.

I'd like to hear people's thoughts on Unity...and I'd like it to be pretty
unfiltered and raw. In particular, I'm interested in seeing how people feel

* The look and feel

* Usability

* Stability (knowing that we are entering a heavy bug fixing time!)

* Highlights and favorite features

* Perceived shortcomings and/or "wishlist" items

You can reply to this email if your feedback is general/conversational or
file a bug if you are experiencing a specific issue. Filing a bug with
'ubuntu-bug unity' command would do the trick and would get seen by the
appropriate people for specific issues.

It will be fun to hear what everyone thinks! I look forward to seeing the


PS. For those that like to navigate via keyboard (and who doesn't!), this
should be helpful
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