Better link for Ubuntu Help on the startpage.

Jeremy Bicha jeremy at
Wed Jul 20 00:30:56 UTC 2011

On 19 July 2011 18:23, Jo-Erlend Schinstad <joerlend.schinstad at> wrote:
> I realize that it's a bit too late to fix this in 11.04, but if we
> could make this happen for 11.10 and all future versions, I think it
> would be a usability improvement. It would also be very nice if that
> page was translated into more languages and was used by default for
> the users current language settings. Is anyone working on that?

Ubuntu has for years shipped with pre-installed localized help. With
Gnome 3 the desktop help was significantly improved but unfortunately
it was effectively hidden in Unity. The Ubuntu Documentation Team
asked for a button on the dash or in the launcher but it was too late
for Ubuntu 11.04.

See this bug which has been mostly ignored:

The bottom half of the Dash frontpage is not very useful. We have a
button for the default web browser despite the web browser having a
default link on the launcher. Most web users have the browser open
most of the time anyway so a button there isn't needed. I think the
Dash should ship with Help & System Settings in that prime space.
Perhaps the other two spots could be reserved for the two most
frequently used programs that are not already pinned to the launcher.

Jeremy Bicha

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