"Let's discuss this at the next UDS"

Gunnar Hjalmarsson ubuntu at gunnar.cc
Sat Jul 9 09:26:07 UTC 2011

On 2011-07-07 00:03, Matthew Paul Thomas wrote:
> Gunnar Hjalmarsson wrote on 06/07/11 22:21:
>> Since you focus on collaborative documents etc., I think we share the
>> same idea about what it takes to tackle the topic in a proper manner.
> Great!

I have thought some more about it, and have a new idea.

It appears that the only thing in this thread there is a clear
disagreement about is the original subject, i.e. the language chooser at

As regards language related bits and pieces, there is a need to refactor
the code. I now think it's desirable that such refactoring is done as
soon as possible, since it probably would make talk about ways to set or
change language settings easier. Please see

>> Can't help worrying a little about the time constraints, though. I
>> spent quite some time during the Natty development cycle to help fix a
>> bunch of bugs about language and locale issues. I'd hate to see
>> Oneiric be shipped with similar bugs as those that were recently
>> resolved because the work is rushed unnecessarily.
> Fair enough, and thanks for working on those bugs. Do test cases exist
> for checking that your hard work does not regress?

No, but the resulting functionality is documented:

Gunnar Hjalmarsson

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