Language chooser at login

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Thu Jul 7 10:31:23 UTC 2011

Am Mittwoch, den 06.07.2011, 19:59 +0100 schrieb Matthew Paul Thomas:

> For a guest session, I can think of two ways to solve the problem: an
> interstitial dialog for the "Guest Session" command, that lets you
> choose a language before entering the session (as Robert Ancell
> suggested); and on-the-fly language switching inside the session. A
> language chooser in the login screen wouldn't help either of those.
> I don't think an interstitial dialog would need to be as "hackish" as
> you suggested. It could simultaneously serve other purposes, such as (a)
> briefly explaining what the guest session is, (b) warning that files
> saved locally in the session will be deleted on logout
> <>, and (c) acting as a confirmation
> step in case you slipped while choosing "Lock Screen". And the language
> of the dialog itself could update as you change the language inside it,
> just as Ubiquity does. What do you think?
that sounds indeed great, my "hackish" comment was about the idea to
have a zenity script executed from .profile not about the idea of a
login dialog as a whole ;)


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