Language chooser at login

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Mon Jul 4 07:41:18 UTC 2011

Am Montag, den 04.07.2011, 12:44 +1000 schrieb Robert Ancell:
> I haven't heard of any standard user requirements to switch between 
> more than two languages, or two languages that do not include English
> (please post here if you know of any).
well, just some of these environments ubuntu has traditionally been big
in ... :)

... pretty much every environment edubuntu is used in (public desktops
in school classrooms at universities or libraries), non personalized
computers in multilingual companies, public computers at airports,
hotels, internet cafes etc

> There are disadvantages to keeping this feature:
> - This feature is quite complex to support.
> - By having this feature both in the login screen and in the control
> center we are duplicating functionality but providing an inconsistent
> method of configuring it.
why not drop it from the control center then ? keep the configuration at
the login screen and move langpack installation into software center
where it belongs ?

> - Users can accidentally change it, giving an opportunity to make
> their session unusable. 
many users in the above listed environments wont be multilingual, how
would such a user be supposed to find out how to change the language
somewhere in the control center if he/she cant even read the text on
desktop elements ? such users would be provided with an unusable session
by default.

having not at least an optional feature to enable selecting the language
at login time will make deployments in multilingual multiuser
environments really hard.


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