Some problems in Laptop Testing

Mark Nighswonger marknigh at
Thu Jan 27 21:44:49 UTC 2011

I just joined the desktop team. It was recommended that I pass along some
test hiccups that will probably eventually need to be updated.
There are a few references to the example file in the home folder.
 Launch applications from data file icons *Case ID: * exc-001

The example file can be found on the desktop but it only contains two .ogg
movie files and an UbuntuOne folder.
There is a question to detect scanner using xsane.
Test Scanning *Case ID: * hsu-002

xsane is not installed. Simple scan is the program included in Meerkat and
Natty ALPHA 1.
Test Automatic Connectivity *Case ID: * hwn-001
6.Select an open (no "shield" symbol next to it) network and left-click it.
Verify that the network connection succeeds and that a series of bars
replaces the *NetworkManager <>
* icon.   (This must be an older version)
The touchpad test should be updated as it does not test for gestures.
Test Touchpad *Case ID: * hmo-001

I could help update the pages, if you want.  I have some limited html
experience. But I'm not a programmer.

Mark Nighswonger
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