AW: Login and lock screen dialog should be the same

Thomas Prost t at
Wed Dec 7 15:58:49 UTC 2011

      I´m accordant to what alourie wrote on the 25 Oct

There's benefit to this difference. When I see a login screen, I immediately
know that noone is logged to the machine and thus I have the full local
processing power for me. But when I see a screen lock dialog I know that
there might be running other time-critical processes, that prevent me from
doing my jobs really without delay on this machine - or I might be
disturbing someones work, so I go ahead to another one or login somewhere
remote - a view off a single user system ...

Prost ;-)
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  I posted this idea on brainstorm.
  I was told to forward it to this mailing list. The description of the
problem/idea is in the link.
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